Corporate Social Responsibility
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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


In 2012 the Etisalat Group’s sustainability and social responsibility strategy was transformed as the company undertook several commitments to ensure that its efforts are better coordinated across all operations. This included pledging its support to the United Nations Global Compact.

Etisalat has since reinforced its focus on important initiatives that help reduce the environmental impact of its business and that of its customers; increasing connectivity to the markets that need it most; and in providing value added and community-enriching services such as healthcare and education.

The key highlight for the year has been the success of Etisalat’s Mobile Baby Programme in Africa - a mobile health initiative that is supporting pregnant women in rural areas. The programme, which was launched in partnership with Qualcomm, Great Connections and D-Tree International, has now saved hundreds of lives and is being offered in multiple countries including Tanzania and Nigeria.

The Mobile Baby Programme has been recognised globally and won several awards this year. These include two GSM Association (GSMA) Global Mobile Awards, two International Business Awards in Seoul and an award at the World Communications Awards held in London.

This initiative has captured the industry’s imagination. The Etisalat Group along with other major operators, have joined hands to form a programme that will bring together the major African operators to work across borders to provide rudimentary healthcare services under the banner of the GSMA’s Pan-African mHealth Initiative.

Etisalat’s commitment to the environment remains strong. In 2012, the company continued to promote the successful Energy Star Initiative - a joint project with Pacific Controls that aims to cut the greenhouse emissions from buildings in the UAE.

More than 7 million square feet of facility space from 20 of the largest companies in the UAE are now being managed through the Energy Star project. It has also been calculated that over 3,000 tons of CO2 emissions have been eliminated in the first eight months of 2012, with participants seeing a 15-25% reduction in electricity consumption.

Etisalat Group has extended this strategic agreement with Pacific Controls to cover the company’s entire footprint, and aims to roll out the programme in Saudi Arabia in 2013.

Etisalat is also in the process of pursuing tower sharing partnerships and deploying hybrid and alternative power solutions including wind and solar power, across its footprint. Significant projects are currently under development in Nigeria, Egypt and Afghanistan. These programmes will not only ensure that emissions are reduced and improve Etisalat’s operating expenses, but will also provide greater resilience to the company’s services.

On the education front, most of Etisalat’s operations are engaged with local education ministries. Notably in the UAE, the Ayaadi programme has been developed to support the local youth through a variety of projects, including the provision of an electronic library and scholarship awards for gifted students.

The Etisalat Group is building a strong pool of professional talent to help sustain its growth. In 2012 over 80 high performing employees began the second year of the company’s Hi Potential Programme (HiPo for short). This provides our future leaders with significant learning resources from organisations such as Harvard and Duke University.

With the success of these programmes and others included in this report, the Etisalat Group is in a strong position to realise its vision of becoming the leading and most admired emerging markets telecom group.

Within our first sustainability and social responsibility report you will find the progress we have made on our many social responsibility projects.

Management Profile
Engineer Saleh Abdullah Al Abdooli
Engineer Saleh Abdullah Al Abdooli
Chief Executive Officer, Etisalat Group
Hatem Dowidar
Hatem Dowidar
Chief Executive Officer, Etisalat International
Serkan Okandan
Serkan Okandan
Chief Financial Officer, Etisalat Group
Khalifa Hassan Al Forah Alshamsi
Khalifa Hassan Al Forah Alshamsi
Chief Strategy & Corporate Governance Officer, Etisalat Group